Morvon Nerovar

An accomplished Gladiator.




Hailing from the human dominated town of Brettanor, Morvon from an early age showed great martial promise with the potential of having a bright and successful future protecting the region. Indeed, he spent a good handful of years defeating various threats in the region, such as roaming bandit bands, gnoll warparties, minotaurs, trolls and even a cyclops!

Once the town he had under his protection seemed safe, Morvon decided to better himself by questing outwards in preparation of future threats. Seeking various magical items that may aid in addition to providing help to outward villages in order to hone his skills. One day, he ventured too near an entrance to the Underdark; it did not take long for the various poisons shot into him from afar to take hold and render him unconscious and ripe for the taking. Thusly, Morvon was dragged into the shadows and stripped of his equipment.

Thrust into the pits with a host of other slaves for bloody and brutal entertainment; he swore to himself he would survive and one day make it back to Brettanor. Within the next year, he had survived and impressed enough to make it to the actual arenas of the gladiators and proved himself worthy of a title: The Unfaltering Conqueror. Named thusly for his unwavering and tireless conviction in beating opponent after opponent. Little of his former glory remains after the Drows efforts of ridding him of his former identity. Used ruthlessly for brutal entertainment and pleasure, few will remember the previous life of the face behind the helmet.

Morvon Nerovar

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